Everything you should know about:


Are you experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Have you received a diagnosis?

If so, the following may sound familiar…

“You can’t change anything about your condition, but it can be controlled with thyroid hormone replacement therapy for life.”


“Your labs are within normal levels, so you’re in good health.”

Nevertheless, your thyroid continues to underperform.

You feel like you are taking the condition more seriously than your doctor.

You are being ignored.
You want answers.

You may be thinking…

“Will this ever end?”

Even with treatment or the absence of a lab verified diagnosis, your consistent symptoms of hypothyroidism continue, such as:

  • A constant struggle to lose weight (even with healthy eating and exercise)

  • Heart disease

  • Depression

  • Constipation

  • Fatigue

  • Hair Loss

  • Infertility

Has something been overlooked?

Healthcare practitioners’ less than thorough evaluations are often the cause of insufficient diagnoses.

A generalized approach used by traditional health care professionals is to blame.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re led to an exam room, you spend a few rushed minutes in fast-forward with your doctor and you’re whisked quickly out of the office – confused about the high cost of your bill and low quality of your health.

Your lack of proper treatment is OBVIOUS. You deserve BETTER.


You start to wonder,
“Am I overthinking this?”

No, you are not.

Lazy treatment is the root cause of many people’s poor outcomes and continued suffering.

You may be surprised to learn:

  • Thyroid dysfunction and continuous low thyroid symptoms can have over 20 causes.

  • 90% of patients are not diagnosed properly.

By studying the condition of your body, our clinical model analyzes the constant hypothyroid symptoms you’re experiencing. Then we create a customized care plan for you.

The time is now…

Avoid the troubles of conventional health care before it’s too late.


To discover if you qualify for a FREE consultation, contact us at (205)-994-7313 today.

Your needs will be answered.
We are here for you.

After working with thousands to arrive at the most precise and comprehensive diagnosis, we have developed a customized treatment plan, and re-established normal function of our patients’ thyroids.

Keep your head held high.

Help is on the way. It will not be long before you are:

  • Shedding pounds.

  • Balancing your mood.

  • Beaming with energy and enthusiasm.

  • Discovering your BEST self!

The success of our patients speaks for itself.