Success Stories

At Integrative Health Center of Alabama, we use objective data to measure our patients’ success. That’s why we run extensive lab panels at several points during treatment. We can chart physiological changes and improvements that are verified by lab results.
But sometimes, it’s just better to hear from the patients themselves. These are real-life patients sharing their real-life results in their own words. Listen for yourself. You’ll hear how they’ve reduced or eliminated their need for prescription drugs, reversed chronic conditions, lost weight, and increased energy levels. They feel better because they are better. Your testimonial could be just as powerful!

What do IHCAL clients have to say about their experience?

J. Powell

A. Morris

S. Yongblood

D. Watson

B. Walker

T. Leonardi

Q. & E. Wilson

S. Barrow

S. Hoferka

W. Rockett

R. Phillips

W. Johnson

V. Hill

R. & L. Watts

B. Williamson

R. Dupass

J. Suttle

R. Peek

C. Parris

L. Mahon

O. Blackmon

P. Watkins

T. Eades

B. Pair

J. Thompson

C. Wells

R. Walker

P. McGough

D. Bradford

T. & P. Baker

C. Parris

J. Harris

P. Harris

M. Cade

J. Farley

J. Cox

H. Clevenger

G. Angry

G. Farley

F. Smith

C. Williams

C. Brasher

C. Williams

B. Fuller

B. Clanton

B. Marsh

B. Ashby

A. Stanley

T. Flemming

R. Fields

O. Ashley


H. Wallace


General & Thyroid Patients

C. Jerman

L. Reese

R. Rasmussen

J. Barwick

K. Carner

R. Jackson

M. Wheately

I have had hypothyroidism for about 3-4 years. When I was first diagnosed, they pretty much said, “You have this disease that throws your body’s hormones out of whack, and you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life. These pills may or may not help; sucks for you.” And that was that. They didn’t tell me how the disease could harm me in the future and didn’t even attempt to help me find a way to properly and effectively treat it. My treatment for about a year and a half was thyroxine, which just made it worse and did nothing to help. But I’m so happy to have found Integrative Health Center of Alabama and Dr. Jason Koenig! They have helped me learn the ins and outs of my disease and how I can treat it. And so far, I feel better than I ever have. And I have lost a total of 50 pounds since this past April. The program is hard in the beginning, but it’s worth the overall health benefits; it’s a promise to life.

God really does answer prayers, y’all! So thankful for a Holy and Gracious Father that places so many amazing people in my life to help me through this!