What you need to know about your type 2 diabetes diagnosis

For starters:

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be for life.

Do you want to start living a happier, healthier life like you know you deserve? Do you want to learn about a new clinical approach that has helped thousands of patients suffering from type II diabetes reverse their condition?

Seeking a higher quality of life? Imagine how differently you’d feel if:

  • The BURDEN of unstable blood glucose levels DISAPPEARED.

  • The RELIANCE on expensive prescription drugs and painful insulin injections could be REPLACED.

  • You no longer had to STRUGGLE to find energy, feel good, and enjoy time with family and friends.

  • The constant FEAR of your condition continuing to worsen was no longer a WORRY.

More often than not, understanding the CAUSE of diabetes can help with uncovering a SOLUTION that works for you.

A totally healthy body and life is POSSIBLE.

Doctors are quick to label everyone with diabetes as the same and offer the same approach to treatment. But you know your body is different from the next patient and your treatment should suit YOU and your NEEDS.

Maybe the doc has said…

“It’s genetic – it runs in the family, and we will look at their treatment history to help treat you.”

“In order to slow the progression of the disease, you must improve your diet, exercise more, lose weight, take your prescribed meds and administer insulin injections daily.”

“Diabetes is for life. You will learn to live with it.”

Fortunately, there are newer, clinically established approaches for patients with type II diabetes that will help them get their lives back. The happy, healthy lifestyle you want and used to have is attainable. It is possible to reverse your condition. The time for change has come!

Your type II diabetes diagnosis does NOT have to be a life OR death sentence.

Traditional treatment doesn’t always work. Everyone’s body is different, and people respond to treatment in unique ways. Living and treating diabetes can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and ineffective for many.

Prescriptions and insulin-injection methods come with a wide range of side effects and can often cause more harm to your overall health. They may curb the spread of the disease and help your symptoms, but they aren’t a cure.

What you think you know about type II could be misleading.

Any time you add a new treatment substance to your body, you never really know if it’s actually FIXING the problem or just ABATING the effects of the disease. Especially with insulin and diabetes medications for type II diabetes, you could just be increasing your body’s already dire state of resistance…

In type II diabetics, it is usually the body’s inability to utilize its own naturally produced insulin, NOT a shortage of insulin that causes a patient’s sugar processing deficiency.

Too Much Sugar: A Recipe for Long-Term Disaster

Traditionally, those suffering with type II diabetes are told to INCREASE their insulin levels as treatment. However, this often brings about an anti-therapeutic effect and can worsen the underlying causes of the disease in the long run.

Adding artificial insulin as treatment and boosting the natural levels produced by your body can be DANGEROUS and further DETERIORATE your health.

How harmful is too much insulin?

Too much insulin leads to:

  • Anxiety

  • Exhaustion

  • Insulin resistance

  • Higher blood pressure

  • Increased risk of hypoglycemia

  • Increased hunger and weight gain

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Increased risk of specific kinds of cancer

Too much insulin in treatment can worsen these side effects and others.
It even further increases your chances of death from the disease.

There is HOPE.

There are safer and more effective approaches to treating and possibly REVERSING your type II diabetes. You can get your LIFE back.

The RESULTS speak for themselves as more and more diabetics are using alternative treatments to regain control of their health.

We use a unique and highly-effective clinical approach to help curb the effects of diabetes.

It’s time to let go of the limiting beliefs you’ve held up unto this point. Stop suffering because of your weight, diet, level of fitness, genetic predisposition, and family history.

YOU may be able to:

  • SAVE THOUSANDS of $$$ by REDUCING or ELIMINATING your dependency on prescription drug and insulin therapies ALTOGETHER.

  • REGAIN control over your health, IMPROVE your body’s function, and INCREASE your confidence.

  • BOOST your energy levels in a SAFE, NATURAL way.

  • MINIMIZE your risk for damaging side effects like nerve damage, heart disease and premature death.

  • LOSE WEIGHT – without a complicated exercise routine!

  • ENJOY YOUR LIFE without lingering effects of diabetes following you around.

With our plan, you’ll receive comprehensive testing catered to you and your body. We go beyond the basic lab tests conducted by traditional health care providers – those who have only let you down and increased your worries.

It’s all about you, your body, and your treatment. We pull from your individual findings and unique causative factors to create a customized plan designed to work for just YOU.

You don’t have to keep living with a “problem.” We can be the answer. Let’s start reversing your diagnosis together.

You know YOUR BODY deserves the best treatment available.


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Take your life back. Let’s reversing your diagnosis, together. You have to start somewhere, and the old ways just aren’t working. Schedule a FREE diabetes assessment at our office to learn about your options. It’s time for renewed health and a happier life.

The Outcome Will Change Your Life Too

“Within six months of Dr. Koenig’s program, I’ve lost weight, kept it off, the symptoms are gone, and I am feeling almost perfect.”

– Carol J.