What Your Doctor DOESN’T Tell You About Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease

Despite what conventional medicine says, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is possible to overcome. By following customized treatment approaches, over 3000 Americans have experienced an AD recovery with a 92% success rate. Each plan has similar foundations, yet they are tweaked based on their test results and specific imbalances. Quite different from the monotherapeutic health care plan you receive with traditional health care, isn’t it?

Degenerative brain disorders such as cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s are the resulting symptoms of chronic inflammation, infection, and imbalance.

That is why personalized approaches to treatment planning have proven more effective. Chronic diseases like AD develop over time and are directly related to

  1. genetic predisposition
  2. lifestyle factors
  3. environmental toxins

Cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease are complex symptoms of chronic imbalance, infection, and inflammation throughout the body. Unfortunately, conventional medicine does very little, if anything, to address the source of the disease. By and large, chronic disease is directly related to lifestyle factors and environment.

Conventional medicine treats Alzheimer’s as a chronic disease thanks to advancements in public health, and improvements in sanitation, antibiotics, and vaccinations have greatly reduced the severity of infectious diseases. Yet, we are still struggling to control the widespread occurrences of chronic diseases, which are generally fueled by poor lifestyle habits and the environment.

The Functional Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease

What Your Doctor DOESN’T Tell You About Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease
The functional medicine approach to treating and overcoming chronic diseases like AD is centered around restoring balance within the body.

This innovative approach uses advanced testing and therapy to provide the best treatment plan to support your specific health needs. A skilled functional medicine provider has the training necessary to identify and address the root causes of your condition. Functional medicine does not offer quick fixes to your health concerns. This type of health care takes time and commitment to the process. Providers analyze health backgrounds and identify possible links between your disease and your genetic makeup, your environment, and your current health habits.

This methodical approach relies heavily on the partnership between patient and provider, otherwise known as patient-centered care. Focusing on the patient, not just the diagnosis, is what gets results.

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